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Cloud Engineer

Engineers are masters in getting non-standard things to function, they know how to build a structure and strengthen it. A Cloud engineer is capable of building out solutions in the Cloud that are robust, reliable and well-architected.

We work in teams on building our own managed service portfolio on top of Cloud and on premise technology. From Functions and Lambdas into containers running on our network switches. It is all software based infrastructure and services. The Cloud Engineer is part of the team either building for ourselves or building for our customers.

As a Cloud Engineer you will be part of agile teams to build cloud solutions using CI/CD, automated quality checks, deployment pipelines, artifact repositories. After checking in the last bit into Git it will only require an approval to put the validated change into production. In a four eye approach you send our pull and merge requests to your team members to check, optimize and learn.

Required qualifications:

- At least 2 years of project experience in Cloud (Azure, AWS or Google).
- Knowledge of connecting identity information for authentication and authorization.
- Experience in setting up applications in a highly available manner in the Cloud.
- Infrastructure as Code experience in at least two different projects for different use cases.
- Coding skills which is demonstratively used in a project for Devops or infrastructure.
- Strong problem solving skills for getting things to work in the Cloud.
- Using Git repositories and the way of working.
- Writing documentation in Markdown for Wiki.
- Knowledge of cloud networking and security concepts.
- Basic Linux/Unix knowledge.
- Supporting the core values: Fail fast thinking, Passionate, Guts, Pragmatic, Eye for detail, Innovation and Teamwork.

Good to have:

- Deep knowledge of setting up Active Directory structures using Cloud services.
- Terraform specialization.
- Kubernetes experience.
- AWS, Azure or GCP certifications.
- Windows specialization.
- Drawing skills for technical graphics.
- Experience in persistent data storage like blobs, databases, NoSQL
- Agile development / Devops experience.


- Build out Cloud infrastructure solutions based on high level designs, expand and enhance them and make it work using infra as code.
- Build out our standard product set for Cloud services using standard Landing zones and automating the work on top of that to have the cloud on autopilot.
- Work proactively with architects in a customer team to setup solutions.
- Fix issues in the cloud and if not possible in a reasonable timeframe find alternatives.
- Train yourself in at least one new technology every year.
- Yearly update your certifications in order to specialize in your knowledge.

As a Cloud Engineer you can grow into being a Senior or evolve into and SRE or Cloud Architect.



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